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Attick Demons Album “Daytime Stories… Nightmare Tales” – Heavy Metal Artwork

Attick Demons Album “Daytime Stories… Nightmare Tales” – Heavy Metal Artwork

Artwork done for the Portuguese NWOBHM band Attick Demons. Specifically for their third album “Daytime Stories… Nightmare Tales”. The heavy metal artwork created by our album artist Mayte CG. She did different pieces for the album: the cover, the back cover and the design of the CD label. Also a t-shirt adaptation of the cover art.

Album available at their shop.

Album artwork description

Again, work inspired by mythology and folklore. In this case, the concept of nightmare is explored. Also the very origin of the word. In fact, the sinister bird-shaped creature is freely inspired by mythical creature Kikimora. There is a great connection between the word “nightmare” and these creatures. The innocent little girl is the contradiction of the title. Also the girl wears a mysterious medallion in which the bands’s mascot has been integrated. The mascot design was originally created by the artist Joe Petagno.

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30 December 2020


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