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Album Cover Art for Making a Mockery

Album Cover Art for Making a Mockery

Front album cover art for the band “Making a Mockery”. The band is from the United States and this is the front cover art for their self-titled debut EP. Our artist and designer Mayte CG made the illustration. They had a very clear concept in mind and it has been really fun bringing it to life.

Jesters and guillotines

As mentioned, our artist Mayte CG created the artwork. Her work is based on a preliminary sketch provided by the band. It features a court jester awaiting his execution at the guillotine. The public waves their torches waiting for the peak of the night while the main character maintains his enigmatic smile.

The album has been released digitally and is currently available in all streaming platforms. You can follow the band at their instagram account for more info.

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30 April 2021


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