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Art for custom drum wraps (Akroasis)

Art for custom drum wraps (Akroasis)

Art for custom drum wraps created for Akroasis drummer, Gerhard Baeriswyl. The design was made by our artist Mayte CG. She has previously worked with the band on different projects (such as full album artwork or some lyric videos). You can see more details in her portfolio.

Akroasis are a metal band from Switzerland. They play an interesting mix of genres that move between thrash metal, melodic death metal, progressive metal … We encourage you to follow them on their Facebook.

Custom designed drum wraps

The brief was to create a custom design for the drum kit that will fit in well with the rest of the band’s visual materials and artwork. It was agreed that the main colors would be turquoise and gold and the inclusion of a Greek-inspired meander. A custom design was also needed for the bass drum heads. We made a main design, which would be the base and the look & feel for all the pieces and from there, custom adaptations were created for each of the pieces of the drum kit (bass drums, toms, floor toms…).

Mayte CG also prepared some quick 3D renders as a mockup, so the client could see how the design would fit together before sending it to the printer.

Thanks to Gerhard Baeriswyl for the drums pics showing the final result!

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19 August 2022


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