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Black metal album art for sale: Blood Communion

Black metal album art for sale: Blood Communion

Black metal / blackened premade album art for sale and made by our artist Mayte CG.

This dark and horror themed black metal album cover art is available to purchase under an exclusive license. That means that as soon as you or your band buys the license to use it as album cover artwork, the illustration will no longer be available for sale. This way the cover album art is unique and is only sold once. All our other premade album art options work this way.

Blood Communion: a bloodthirsty goddess

This album artwork it’s a horror illustration, with secret cults, sacrifices and unspeakable rituals. It features a bloody ritual perpetrated by some kind of cult or sect, paying homage to a terrible and powerful goddess. We witness a part of the ritual or invocation, where sacrifices are performed to satisfy the thirst of the divinity. This artwork is mostly inspired by black metal aesthetics.

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If you contact us, please remember: We love to know a bit more about the bands or musicians that will use our artwork before closing the sale so don’t forget to give you some info about your project: band name, metal sub-genre, samples of music, bandcamp profile or similar, album or project in which you would use the cover, etc. … We just love to know where our illustration is going before making the sale.

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28 January 2022


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