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Front Artwork for Lycantrophilia EP “Demiurge” – Metal artwork design by Mayte CG

Front Artwork for Lycantrophilia EP “Demiurge” – Metal artwork design by Mayte CG

The band Lycantrophilia owns the license of this album art. Lycantrophilia is an amazing melodic black metal band from Germany. The artwork appears in their stunning EP, “Demiurge”. The EP is available to purchase here. We highly advice you to check out their music!!!

Our artist Mayte CG has created this metal artwork design.

Album artwork description

This is a horror or dark themed artwork. It’s inspired by folklore and mythology. In fact, the art is freely inspired by the Finnish mythology monster Iku Turso. Iku Turso is a malevolent sea monster. It’s known by different epithets, for instance: the bearded one, the ox of Tuoni – Death god … Additionally sometimes it is said that he lived in Pohjola. Pohjola is a dark and terrible place often perceived as the home of all evil.

In the foreground we find a human character who ventures into the dark, sinister and uncharted place. He needs to summon, invoke or encounter the terrifying creature. What will be the outcome of this meeting???

To clarify: This is a totally personal and free interpretation of the myth.

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30 December 2020


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