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La Petite Mort – Pre made album artwork for sale

La Petite Mort – Pre made album artwork for sale

La Petite Mort. Pre made album cover artwork for sale by our artist Evil Raven.

This album art is available with exclusive license. What does that mean? As soon as your metal band purchases the license to use it as album cover art, no one else will be able to use it. Therefore this album artwork is unique and is only sold once. All our pre made album covers work this way.

Pre made album cover artwork description

This is a pack consisting of two illustrations: Front and back artwork pieces (sold together).

In the front artwork The Reaper and a woman having sex in a crypt-like environment, lit by torches and accompanied by rats.  In the back art, the stone wall enviroment and the rats. Horror art / erotica piece. Inspired by extreme / death metal aesthetics with a erotic touch.

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Please, remember: We always like to know a little more about the band or musicians that will use our album cover artwork before making the sale so don’t forget to let us know a little more about your project: band name, metal sub-genre, samples of music, bandcamp profile… We just love to know where our cover artwork is going.

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15 January 2021


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