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Metal lyric video production for Akroasis – Patroclus

Metal lyric video production for Akroasis – Patroclus

Lyric video created by our artist Mayte CG for the metal band Akroasis. She also made the album artwork, you can read more about the project here.

This official lyric video was made for the song “Patroclus”. This song is part of the debut album of the Swiss metal band: “Ilion”.

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“Ilion” is a concept album about the events surrounding the Trojan War and the return to home of Odysseus. It was released on 17 December, 2021 by Doc Gator Records on Vinyl and CD 👉 https://www.docgatorshop.com/ The band presents an interesting mix of genres that move between thrash metal, melodic death metal, progressive metal …


The song talks about Patroclus who was Achilleus’ best friend. When Patroclus met his death at the hands of Hector, Achilleus swore revenge, killing Hector, and thereby sealing his own doom.

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11 March 2022


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