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That’s The Story – Premade heavy metal album art

Premade heavy metal album art: That’s The Story

That’s The Story. Premade heavy metal album art created by our illustrator Evil Raven.

This album art is available under an exclusive license. How does that work? Once you have purchased the art, the license grants you exclusive rights to use the artwork. This means no one else can use it. Therefore this album artwork is unique and sold once. All of our pre-made album covers work like this.

Classic tales inspired metal album art

This premade album artwork is inspired by the imagery of classic tales, in the style of Hansel and Gretel, accentuating the dark and sinister aspect of this kind of story.

This pre-made art is a pack consisting of three pieces: front + back artwork + cd label design (sold together as a set).

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Please, remember: We always like to know a little more about the band or musicians that will use our album cover artwork before making the sale so don’t forget to let us know a little more about your project: band name, metal sub-genre, samples of music, bandcamp profile… We just love to know where our cover artwork is going.

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5 June 2023


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