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Horror and fantasy art services and commissions

Horror artists open
for your project

Freelance fantasy and horror artists open for indie projects or personal commissions: cover art, concept art, etc.

We are a graphic and design studio formed by two artists. Although our main inspiration and specialization is the creation of art focused on metal music and metal bands, we also love working on everything related to horror and fantasy. For that reason, we are open to any type of project / commission related to these fields.

Do you have a project in hand and do you think our work can fit in? We want to hear it!

Some examples of our work:

horror artists horror art services
horror artists horror art services
horror artists horror art services
Attick Demons Album Daytime Stories... Nightmare tales heavy metal artwork
Lycantrophilia black metal band Demiurge metal artwork design


What are your services?

Metal Album Design is an art and illustration studio aimed primarily at metal bands and musicians. This is because we LOVE metal music and it is the main inspiration behind our work.

Our main service in this field is the creation of album art for metal bands (although we also offer other services). This means that our main job is to illustrate horror and fantasy scenes! So, if you like our work for album covers, we can also help you by doing the same for other media.

As horror artists, for what type of projects would you be available beyond metal band art oriented services?

Almost anything related to fantasy or horror that needs art or illustration services. From personal commissions to independent professional projects of different kinds:

  • Concept art
  • Character or creature design for horror or fantasy projects
  • Cover art for horror or fantasy books
  • Art for horror tabletop games / RPG books
  • Graphic design and illustration for horror films (for example horror film poster design, in fact, we have some options available)
  • … etc.

What are your prices for horror art?

Prices depend on the difficulty and specific nature of each project. We like to give personalized estimates to each client based on their project, so just drops us an email using this form and tell us your idea. 

Are the illustrations in the “For Sale” section available for uses other than album art?

In principle, these images are intended to be licensed specifically as album art. But if you’re interested in any artwork in that section, please contact us indicating the title of the artwork and the intended use so that we can assess it and give you an answer.



Please, fill in the form to get in touch with us or drop us an email to info (at) metal-album.design and we’ll be in contact with you shortly.

If you’re looking for a quotation please take in account that prices depend on the difficulty and characteristics of each project, so the more information the better! 


We’re two artists. Both with different styles and techniques:

Evil Raven: Portfolio | Behance | Artstation | Instagram

Mayte CG: Portfolio | Behance | Artstation | Instagram

Portfolios: Evil Raven | Mayte CG
We just want to understand a little more what your music is about.
Please note: Our prices vary depending on the complexity and details of each project, and we always make custom proposals for every band. We need a minimum of information to make this, so don't leave it blank. The more information, the better. Thanks!
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