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Superbeast – Cold Blooded Killing Album art

Superbeast – Cold Blooded Killing – Album art

Artwork by our illustrator Evil Raven and licensed by Superbeast, a death metal band from Tokyo, Japan. This will be the cover art for their upcoming 3rd album, “Cold Blooded Killing”.

Album artwork description

This artwork is mainly inspired by death metal aesthetics. It features a chaotic night scene plagued by demons and where many (disturbing) things are happening at the same time.

Superbeast – Cold Blooded Killing – Check them out! 👇

More news about “Cold Blooded Killing” soon. In the meantime, you can check out their website and social media:

Superbeast official website: https://superbeastmetal.com/

Bandcamp: https://superbeastmetal.bandcamp.com/

Youtube (a lyric video for the title track is available): https://youtube.com/@superbeastmtl

You can also follow the band on Facebook: https://facebook.com/superbeastmetal

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4 March 2023


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