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Illustration, Design & Album Art for metal bands

Album Art & Design
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Make your music look as powerful as it sounds with our album art for metal bands services. 100% HUMAN-MADE. NO-AI.


Make your new album or music project stand out with our high quality album art for metal bands services. We are a two artists studio (Mayte CG and Evil Raven) specialized in creating digital cover artworks for heavy metal music projects: traditional heavy metal, thrash, speed, power, death, black, doom, blackened, folk, pagan… whatever the metal subgenre, we have you covered!

And if you are in another creative field – not music – but you think that our style can fit, don’t hesitate to contact us, maybe we can help you too!

We combine digital art, illustration, 3d, creative photo manipulation techniques (and even traditional modelling and sculpture!) to create totally unique high impact album art designs.

We also make visualizers or lyric videos, among other things (everything specialized in metal music). More services» 

Two ways we can help you with your album art:

1. Custom album art for metal bands

Great album art starts with you

In the world of metal music, album cover art is more than just a visual depiction. It is a statement, a visual representation of the band’s identity and the music that lies within. Unleashing power visuals that capture the essence of the music, metal album covers have become iconic symbols that reverberate with metalhead culture worldwide. 

This is why partnering with an album artist or design studio like ours becomes important. We can help you create entirely custom artwork for your album. No AI, no generic templates. We believe in carefully human-made album art and design. We listen to your ideas (and your music, of course) to create a unique custom piece that fully represents what you want to convey. 

For custom design, prices may vary according to concept, style, and expected level of detail. That’s the reason why we always ask for some information about your music and ideas before giving you a final quote. We also try to offer a range of flexible pricing options as far as possible.

The service is not only limited to front cover art creation, if you’re interested we offer full album design options too (for example full CD/digipack/vinyl layout with booklet, inlay, etc).

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We just want to understand a little more what your music is about.
Please note: Our prices vary depending on the complexity and details of each project, and we always make custom proposals for every band. We need a minimum of information to make this, so don't leave it blank. The more information, the better. Thanks!
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2. Use one of our pre-made artworks


These artworks on the righ are ready to go! All of them ara availabe with exclusive license, which means that once purchased the image is no longer available to other bands.
For more info about licensing our artwork use the contact form below.

Not sure? You can see the available illustrations here.
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Tips for promoting your metal album through visually striking album art

Creating a visually striking metal album cover is just the first step. To truly promote your album effectively, here are some tips:

1. Consistency is key. Ensure that the visual style of the album cover aligns with the band’s overall aesthetic and brand. This will help create a cohesive image that fans can easily recognize and associate with the music.

2. Utilize social media. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook are powerful tools for promoting your album and its cover art. Share behind-the-scenes footage of the artwork creation process, engage with fans through live streams, and tease snippets of the music to generate excitement. In MAD we love sharing behind-the-scenes process of our work. Check some samples here.

3. Collaborate with other artists. Consider working with talented graphic designers, photographers, or videographers to create visual content that complements the album cover. This could include music videos, lyric videos, or even merchandise featuring elements from the cover art.

4. Leverage the power of storytelling. The album cover should tell a story, and this story can be expanded upon through other mediums. Create a narrative that extends beyond the cover art, whether it’s through music videos, concept albums, or even a graphic novel.

Conclusion: Metal album cover art is more than just an image on a CD or vinyl sleeve. It is an integral part of the music, capturing the essence and spirit of the songs within. From art or design choices to collaboration with the right professionals, every element of the album cover plays a role in creating a visually striking and captivating experience.

By implementing these tips, you can maximize the impact of your metal album cover art and create a visual experience that resonates with fans and leaves a lasting impression.



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