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Premade cover art is a quick way to make your metal album look professional and attractive

Our full premade
cover art catalogue
for Metal Bands

Premade cover art is a simple and fast solution to get a finished cover art for your album quickly

A premade cover art is, as its name indicates, an already created illustration.

The artwork is always created by one of the designers in our studio. It has been created under the total creative freedom of the artist, exploring stories or ideas that fit his vision and style. Some examples:


The best part: the album art is completely finished and ready to go!

In Metal Album Design Studio we always have a growing and updated catalog with options of already created album art for sale. We even have some packs available that include both front and back cover (they are marked with a red icon that indicates it).

The system is simple: just take a look at the options we have available on this page, choose the one that best suits your album and contact us to finalize the purchase.

Can you add my band logo and my album title in the artwork

Yes, sure! We will be happy to personalize the album art with your band’s logo and the title of your album at no additional cost.

All the premade cover art licenses are exclusive. What does it mean?

It means that once you purchase the license to use one of our pre-made album art pieces, that artwork is no longer for sale. An illustration = a single band. The licenses are exclusive and therefore you have the guarantee that your cover will be unique.

And what if I have a specific idea and I want a custom art album?

No problem! We have you covered too. We also offer custom album art creation services. And not just front artwork, we can help you with the full album artwork and layout (see an example). Just contact us with your ideas to get a free quote.



Please, fill in the form to get in touch and obtain all the information about the chosen album art.

Take in account: We always love to know a little more about the band or musicians that will use our album cover artwork before making the sale so don’t forget to let us know a little more about your project: band name, metal sub-genre, samples of music, bandcamp profile or similar … We just love to know where our cover artwork is going!

License existing artwork
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