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Premade & custom album art for metal bands

Album Art & Design
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Make your music stand out of the crowd with great album cover artwork


Make your metal music and you new album stand out of the crowd with quality art and illustration services. We’re a little studio specialized in creating album cover art for heavy metal music projects: traditional heavy metal, thrash, speed, power, death, black, doom, blackened, folk, pagan… whatever the metal subgenre, we’re here to help you.

And if you are in another creative field – not music – but you think that our style can fit, don’t hesitate to contact us, maybe we can help you too!

We combine different techniques such as digital art, illustration, 3d, creative photo manipulation (and even traditional modelling and sculpture!) to create totally unique high impact album artwork pieces.

There are two ways we can help you with your album art:


Premade album art is the quickest and easiest way to get your album art done.  As its name indicates, a pre-made album art is an already created artwork. These illustrations are previously created by one of the artists in the studio. These designs have been created under absolute creative freedom of the designer, exploring ideas or concepts that fit his vision and style.

Advantages of this premade album art? The album cover is already finished and ready to go! And if you’re worried about exclusivity, that’s not a problem: all our pre-made artwork options are sold with exclusive license. That’s mean that once you purchase the license,  the artwork is no longer available for sale. This way you have the guarantee that your album artwork will be only used by your metal band.

We will be happy to add your band logo and album title to the artwork (no additional cost!).

We always have an updated and growing catalog with many available options of premade album art, all of them focused to heavy metal related concepts. Just take a look at our designs and choose the illustration that best suits your music. Please note that the premade album art options have different prices depending on the piece so if you are interested in one of them, just let us know in which one and we’ll be happy to send you all the info.

See currently available premade album art options:

Interested in premade album art?


Or just ask the price of the illustration you like!

Remember all these artworks above are finished and almost ready to go and that we can add your album title and band logo at no cost! All of them ara availabe with exclusive license, which means that once purchased the artwork is no longer available to other bands.
For more info about licensing our artwork get in touch with us using the form on the right.

Not sure? You can see the available illustrations here.
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Completely personalized artwork for your album. We listen to your ideas (and your music, of course) to create a unique piece that fully represents what you want to convey.

For custom artwork, prices may vary according to concept, style and expected level of detail, that’s the reason why we always ask for some information about your music and ideas before giving you a final quote. We also try to offer a range of flexible pricing options as far as possible.

The service is not only limited to front cover creation, if you’re interested we offer full album design options too (for example full cd / digipack / vinyl layout with booklet, inlay, etc).

Get in touch with us to get more info about this service using the form below.


Portfolios: Evil Raven | Mayte CG
We just want to understand a little more what your music is about.
Please note: Our prices vary depending on the complexity and details of each project, and we always make custom proposals for every band. We need a minimum of information to make this, so don't leave it blank. The more information, the better. Thanks!
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